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Our company has always believed in the value of family.
Our main offices are in Putignano (Bari-South Italy), a town in the “trulli & grotte” area, very close to the Itria Valley.
We supply and produce exclusively high quality dairy products.

DiscoverOur specialities

The corner dedicated to all our dairy specialties: burrata, fresh, scamorze, and much more.


  • Burrata morsels 50gA soft Fiordilatte filled with a velvety mix of mozzarella strands and cream. A real delicacy, hand made by the master cheesemakers of Apulia.

Burrata in leaf

  • Burrata in Leaf 125gMozzarella strands mixed with a tasty cream, wrapped in a delicate Fiordilatte dough. Quality and tradition guaranteed, in a convenient size to enrich the Deli Counter.

Ricotta cheese mini cake

  • Ricotta cheese mini cake 200gThe classical fresh Italian Ricotta, oven baked, packaged in a protective atmosphere and vacuum-sealed on the same day of production.
  • FlavoursLemon
    Lemon with chocolate drops

The production

Raw materials

We use local milk from our farmland, rich in natural plants and herbs which become ideal nourishment for our cows.
During the summer, when people consume more dairy products and the animals produce less milk, we collect Italian fresh milk from other regions.

From milk to stretched curd

Our products are made with the traditional technique of natural whey culture, a group of natural lactic bacteria which transform the milk into curd.
The liquid produced after adding the casein becomes, after pasteurization, the starter of raw milk of next production.
The use of natural whey culture has the same benefits of the sourdough in bakery. The only difference is that we use it for the production of the following day.
This traditional process guarantees quality, hygienic safety and a unique taste to our cheese. Also it reduces the level of lactose concentration up to 0,5%.

The stretched curd takes shape

The processing of each product follows a specific path and criteria which are the result of our experience.
Technology embraces tradition in the manufacturing of niche cheese such as Nodino or Treccia of mozzarella; they are the expression of our renowned cheese makers.
The packaging and the storage is made under controlled temperature.
All cheese factories have BRC and IFS certifications.


Apulia is a beautiful place.
Our cows graze freely in the countryside of Murgia, breathing clean, fresh air in a typical Mediterranean climate.

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