A tasty & funny gift

A tasty & funny gift

Before Christmas everybody thinks about an original, useful or funny gift. And, of course, we are planning our Christmas dinner and mise en place.
We found an idea to please everybody! A few years ago we created

An amusing semi-mature caciocavallo dressed as Santa Claus, equipped with hat and scarf (it’s cold inside the fridge!) wrapped in a soft cloud of cotton wool. Children will love it!

Cacionatale is made with Apulian cows milk, handmade with natural whey. After drying we proceed to the vacuum-packaging to guarantee hygiene and long-life; in this way the slow process of maturing continues until you consume it. Every package is warranty sealed for your safety.

Parrotta’s Cacionatale is a traditional gift, made with the experience of our cheese-masters which will bring a tasty smile to your tables!

Best wishes!