Interview with the designer

A young designer for Ricotta cheese mini cake’s new packaging.

We are always looking for new, smart and practical packagings. We have entrusted a very young Apulian designer with this task, his name is Francesco Lindo, born in 1996.

Let’s meet him!
Francesco studied as a Product Designer at Turin’s Institute for Applied Arts & Design where he studied the interaction between product and customer.
Since the beginning, along with his studies, he worked at Turin’s Graphic Center, exploring different communication styles used by brands such as Ferrero, Bombay, Eataly. From Turin he moved to Milan’s Politechnic.

Your work for Parrotta’s Ricotta cheese mini cake packaging.
The planning took several months, until we got to the “ingot” shape that expresses the dessert’s value. For the graphics we used a light style, with simple illustrations and warm colours.

And now?
I am currently working on my dissertation. Meanwhile I collaborate with two digitalization firms: Murgiahub and Eatalico, both based in Apulia.

Which Ricotta cheese mini cake do you prefer, chocolate, lemon or lemon with chocolate drops?
It’s difficult to choose…I would say lemon with chocolate drops